Water Vendor Controller

Simple, Repeatable, Reliable Water Vending Control

The Datawrx.com Water Vendor Controller takes a simplified approach to water vending control. It is comprised of just three key components: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Flow Meter, and Solenoid Valve.  


  • Flow based water vending, guaranteeing consistent vends

  • Minimal moving parts keeping maintenance down

  • Adjustable Price Setting (increments of $0.25)

  • Built with a UV feedback signal interlock
  • Can be used to retrofit a water vendor with a time based controller to improve accuracy and reliability

  • Expandable to up to four water vending heads

  • Can be used with any “Pulse” based Coin/Bill/Credit Card Acceptors

  • Compatible with the Datawrx.com MDBPro for integration with "MDB" based Coin/Bill/Credit Card Acceptors 


 Volumetric Flow Meter for Consistent Delivery with Varied Water Pressure

  • Easy replacement with basic tools
  • Vane sensor does not impede flow



A typical installation inside an ice vending machine. The control panel can be located at any convenient spot in the structure.

  • Compact footprint
  • Low voltage control signals for safety
  • IP65 rated enclosure protects electronics from humidity.


(includes installation within the DFW metroplex)