Accept cash, credit or debit cards on any pc, plc or pulse based vending system.

  • Supports all MDB (Multi Drop Bus) devices
  • Serial channel supports modbus and other common serial protocols
  • Menu driven price and system settiings via operator interface
  • Separate customer interface can be mounted remotely
  • Customizeable prompts


The MDBPro controls and communicates with cash acceptance devices using the MDB (Multi Drop Bus) and with control systems using common serial protocols including modbus to provide information and logic to the control system. It also supports a pulse output for older vending machine controllers.

MDBPro1Speed up the the development of future vending machines or retro-fit existing system. Engineers can concentrate on the development of the delivery mechanism and leave the transaction management to the MDBPro. Maintenance and changes to the system are simplified and software updates can remedy problems that otherwise would have required expensive changes to the hardware.



The illustration shows an example of an implementation using a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) as the product delivery controller and the MDBPro as the transaction controller. The MDBPro includes a customer interface. 

The MDBPro is a future ready transaction management system for any un-manned vending system, whether for products or services. It is compatible with most MDB compliant devices.

We will provide technical assistance for impementation and have the know how to develop custom software and PLC solutions.


Does not include peripheral devices 

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Quick Start Guide

The Implementation Guide to enable customization is available on request.