Ice House Monitoring


24/7 monitoring of every aspect of your ice house

  • Track sales data for analysis of traffic and income
  • Reduced down-time - notification and remote response to faults
  • Cost savings - eliminate the need to travel to fix a problem
  • Outdoor speaker and LCD screen for customer interaction
  • Respond to customer complaints immediately by dispensing a bag of ice remotely
  • Interactive features improve customer experience 

The myVends monitoring system was born out of necessity after we purchased an ice house in 2005. These machines are amazing, manufacturing, bagging and selling the ice automatically but they do fail occasionally and without a way of being notified your investment is costing you money in rent and utilities rather than making you a profit from sales.

Think of the monitoring system like having someone watching over your ice house 24 hours, 365 days a year who will notify you of any problem and respond to your commands.

This monitoring system features a 5" screen and an outdoor speaker to enable your machine to inform and entertain your customers. This interaction creates a memorable experience for customers which makes them more likely to talk about your machine to friends and family.

Internally the real time monitoring of the PLC, ice harvests, bag count, cash  alerts you of situations which could affect sales. You can respond to situations remotely by sending commands via your PC or phone to reset the PLC, issue a credit, dispense a bag, power cycle the bill validator or operate the trap door to dislodge a stuck bag.

Sales numbers and weather are recorded and stored. Detailed reports and graphs to enable you to see sales trends.

The monitoring system has proven beneficial to hundreds of ice house owners saving them time and effort managing their investment and ensuring the success of their enterprise.

$4000 including installation

$25/month  data acquisition fee applies

Contact us for quantity and OEM discounts

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