Door Lock Mechanism

Door Lock InsideThis door lock design was developed in response to ice houses being targeted by burglars because they were just so easy to break into.

Inspired by the locking mechanism used in armored trucks this 4 point latch has all it's mechanicals inside the ice house.

The mechanism itself can only be operated using a special tool. The keyhole for the tool is covered by a puck lock.

  • Four point latch on the inside of the door
  • No exposed latches or mechanism on the outside
  • Special tool required to unlock
  • Door can be locked from inside for added security
  • All exposed parts made of stainless steel 
  • Internal braces made of stainless steel 
  • Latches are 1/2" hardened, cast steel
  • Adjustable fittings to accomodate variances in doors
  • Welded and concealed mounting bolts
  • Outside latch and hinges can be broken and door will remain secure
  • Door Lock Outside