Bin Floor Motor Visor

Bin Floor Motor Visor Small

Cut down on corrosion and extend the life of your bin floor motor with a "Bin Floor Motor Visor"


As ice in the bin melts, water tends to collect and drip right on the bin floor motor. Over time, this causes accelerated corrosion and reduces the service life of the motor. The "Bin Floor Motor Visor" is intended to act as an umbrella, redirecting the dripping water away from the motor and gear box. 

The "Bin Floor Motor Visor" is easy to install with only two pieces: motor visor and gear box spacer. Installation just requires the bin floor motor gear box bolts to be loosened, then the visor and spacer to be slid in between the gear box base and motor mounting frame, and finally tighten up the bolts, ensuring the bin floor motor chain is properly tensioned. 



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